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Five Things I Learned at Pure Barre

10801933_10152380548626176_7577588063084861952_nWith the wedding coming up, and a long streak of living a bit of an unhealthy life full of yo-yo dieting and not much exercise, I decided it was time to cut the bullshit. No more excuses. The truth is, I don’t mind eating healthy, as long as someone¬† wants to prepare it for me. LOL. But, when it comes to working out, I am the worst. I pretty much have zero motivation to take up activities like jogging or crossfit. That just sounds like torture. So, one afternoon while procrastinating on Instagram, I discovered the world of “Pure Barre“.

At first glance, it looked like a lot of ballerina-esque movement, but nearly as intimidating as other workout classes, so I decided to investigate it a bit. And by investigate, I mean read every single blog post that’s ever been written on the topic. After psyching myself up for a week, I stopped by the local Pure Barre Studio in Fort Lauderdale and signed up for my first class.

So, here I am with a few classes under my belt and much to report back.

1. Instagram photos may be pretty, but Pure Barre is a serious workout. Will your blow out get ruined? No. But, you’ll wake up the following morning wishing you didn’t. After my first class, I thought I wasn’t going to walk again. Granted, I may be more out of shape than others, but muscles ached that I didn’t even know existed. However, once my muscles woke up from being in a coma and got working again, the aftermath torture isn’t nearly as bad as the first time around.

2. Nobody in the class cares what you’re doing. One of my biggest fears of attending a group workout class is everyone will be judging me and laughing at my lack of skill and coordination. Especially as a newbie. But, when it came to Pure Barre, I can promise you that nobody else is even looking at you. You’re so focused on which specific muscles you should be working out, you don’t want to bother looking at your neighbor. It takes 100% full focus to master the “Pure Barre Tuck”.

3. Get the grippy socks. You’ve seen photos of them all over Instagram. I promise, they will keep you from busting your face on the floor while in the most intense 90 second plank of your life.

4. It’s ok to not “get it” at first. The class is pretty fast paced. I mean, it’s no Jillian Michaels “Ripped in 30″ but any first timer can easily get confused. But, as one of the instructors told me, just “do your personal best”. It’ll all eventually fall into place.

5. Attend a “Breaking Down the Barre” class. Over the weekend, my local studio offered one and holy crap what an eye opener. Just as the title of the class says, you literally break down every portion of the class and learn how to nail each position. The instructor answers any questions you have and spends a lot of time with each individual when needed. It made me a lot less confused about what I was doing in class, and gave me more understanding to how I can perfect my “Pure Barre Tuck”.

So, will I be going back? 100% yes. I’ve been converted to the cult of Pure Barre. My goal is to go 3 times during the week, and maybe one class on the weekend. But, I’m not going to set myself for an insane goal that I know I won’t reach. So, 3 morning classes per week it is.


Photo: Pure Barre

Tuft & Needle Mattress Review


Since moving into our house, Brett and I knew that at the top of our to buy list was a new mattress. We’d been sleeping on the one I’ve had for some time, and it seriously needed an upgrade. But, as everyone knows, mattresses can be a bit pricy, especially for something of quality and comfort.

While we waited to save some money up, we decided to give a memory foam topper a try. Total fail. The topper was awful. It smelled horrible, gave me headaches, and we found ourselves sinking into the middle immediately after laying down. So, it was back to the drawing board.  During my search, I came across two new mattress start up companies: Tuft and Needle and Casper. Both promised quality mattresses, made in the USA, with amazing price points. Although ordering a bed online seemed a bit risky, we decided to go ahead with the Tuft and Needle 10-inch mattress. It had amazing reviews, and the 30 day return policy sounded like a breeze.

After making the purchase, I stalked our tracking number anxiously awaiting our new bed’s arrival. After only 3 days, the bed was here, and I couldn’t wait to get home to give it a try. As per the instructions, we unwrapped it (in which it hilariously rolled on top of Brett) and let it expand for a few hours while we spent the evening stocking up on snacks at Trader Joe’s.

Some said the mattress would take a bit of getting used to as it’s pretty firm. But, to be honest, I loved it right away. After the first night of sleep, I felt great. And I’m not just saying that. I woke up that following morning without immense pain in my lower back and I wasn’t exhausted. It was the first time I’d slept through the entire night. There was a slight odor to the bed, but it wasn’t over powering. After nearly a week, I was convinced this was the perfect bed for us. However, Brett wasn’t entirely sure just yet.

Fast forward to nearly 3 weeks, and over the weekend we decided to return our Tuft and Needle mattress. While I would recommend this bed to anyone who is a back sleeper, and enjoys a firm bed, Brett couldn’t get used to it. It was too firm of a mattress for him, as he generally sleeps on his side, and found it to be an issue.

I spoke with the Tuft and Needle customer service department this morning and had the return policy explained to me. All we have to do is donate the mattress to a local charity of our liking, and send them the receipt. Then they will refund us in full for the bed. Super simple!

So, what’s next for us? Well, tomorrow afternoon our Casper mattress should be arriving. Keeping my fingers crossed, and I’ll be back with a review in a few weeks on it.

(Photo via Tuft & Needle)

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