Goodbye March

Can you believe it’s March 31st?! Oh my goodness, the year is almost halfway over! Where is the time going? It feels so nice to be busy and constantly bombarded with projects, however I do wish the time would pass by a little more slowly. If my blog seemed a bit slow over the last week it’s because WMC just happened in Miami causing a whirlwind of nonstop events. As always it was a blast to see out of town friends and get a little partyin’ in, but it always leaves me exhausted. But now it’s over and I’m back in work mode.

Seeing this photo of Leaf Greener – fashion editor of Elle China – wearing these Chanel tattoos only makes me crave some real ones. I still haven’t purchased the temporary tattoos from Chanel, it just seems so steep to spend the $75 on them. Sigh…does anyone want to split the pack with me?

I’m super excited about a special baking project that I’m going to share over at LadyLike. I’ll have to set aside some time to do it this week, and I’ll let you know when it’s up! I’ve got a very long To Do list at the moment, especially when it comes to crafty DIY fun. I need to start tackling it already. I can’t wait til this month is over and my schedule will be changing, allowing more time for projects and me time. Sounds so selfish? haha.

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    that is TOO hilahhhrious. my sister received emails from Leaf Greener for work a few times and everytime we LOL like MAD at home about her name hahahah we've even passed the stories on tons of times during those "OMG STUPID NAME" conversations hahahahha omg had no idea she'd be so stylish!!

    p.s. i don't mind splitting a pack with you? well i'll think about it..temporary for 75 seems soooo sad ):

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