Coco Gordon Moore’s Band Releases Album

This afternoon Massachusetts based band Big Nils released their debut album, ‘Sibling’, and has got the music world talking quite a bit. But wait,  just exactly who is Big Nils? At the moment, their only claim to fame is that their lead singer, Coco Gordon Moore, is the daughter of Sonic Youth co-founders Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon.  Coco and her band released their album on the popular website bandcamp, where it can be streamed for free or purchased for $5.

As far as the album is concerned, its crazy how similar Coco’s voice is to Kim Gordon, and I wouldn’t say its a terrible,  but they definitely missed their time. (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) In my opinion, the album is very gritty and reminiscent of Bikini Kill and early experimental Sonic Youth, especially the first track, “Gimme More”. Being that it is their first album, I’m interested to see if and how they mold their sound in the future. I will say that I do give her credit for doing the punk rock garage band thing, as opposed to getting sucked into pop music or something. But then again would Kim and Thurston allow that? (yeah we’re on a first name basis, haha)

P.S. :
How cute are they? They’re totally my favorite musical family.

Remember when they were on Gilmore Girls?

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