A Life in Lists: One

I love making lists. Seriously. I will make lists of nonsense until my fingers bleed, I don’t know why. I’ve got scribbled notes all over the place of random lists of books, movies, things to do, etc etc. So, as a part of my weekly blogging, I’ll be sharing them.

Inspiration for a little bit of list making:

Hula Seventy is the ultimate list maker.
Liz’s “Adventure Guide” is absolutely amazing & such a fun idea.
Viv has a hella great list of 52 things for her 2012.
Listography is such a lovely site and app. I update mine on my phone all the time.
“32 New Things” by Yes and Yes is  a great source of ideas.

My first list. . .

52 [Fun] Things I’d Like To Do/Learn/Try in 2012

1. Spend a weekend in a fancy hotel for no reason
2. Try every single flavor of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream
3. Go to Disney World (Although I live in FL, I haven’t been back in over a decade)
4. Re-connect with my girlfriends from high school
5. Invent the perfect virgin cocktail
6. Acquire a pen pal (or a few)
7. Run a marathon
8. Celebrate World Nutella Day
9. Visit the Coral Castle
10. Volunteer at an animal shelter
11. Buy a pair of Louboutins for my one year soberversary
12. Read the entire collection of Jane Austen books
13. Learn French
14. Get a new passport stamp
15. Do a photoshoot in Miami’s Executive Fantasy Hotel
16. Have a Twilight movie marathon before watching Breaking Dawn: Part II
17. Re-pierce my nostril
18. Take a trip to New York City
19. Attend a writers workshop
20. Tackle the IMDB “250 Top List
21. Finish my right sleeve
22. Go to the drive-in movies in a convertible
23. Watch every single Alfred Hitchcock movie
24. Read the Harry Potter series
25. Ride my bicycle to work
26. Make a pizza from scratch (including sauce)
27. Practice yoga on a regular basis
28. Review books
29. Keep a journal (photograph and written)
30. Complete the Jillian Michaels 30 day workout
31. Find the perfect eyeliner
32. Design and sew a dress
33. Take a pole dancing fitness class
34. Go to a laser light show at the planetarium
35. Get acupuncture
36. Visit Cassadaga
37.  Take a ghost tour in St. Augustine
38. Go on a road trip out of state
39. Experience the Marfa Mystery Lights
40. Attend a music festival
41. Knit a scarf
42. Get an aura cleansing
43. Play in the snow
44. Learn tarot cards
45. Buy a pair of roller skates
46. Whiten my teeth (haha, so random, I know)
47. Acquire an outside pet cat
48. Take part in a public reading
49. Meet with a psychic
50. Bake dog treats for Biscuit
51. Buy a record player
52. Master the art of using chopsticks

Phew…that was quite the list making task. But, I’m looking forward to crossing these things off and making more fun lists throughout the year.

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  1. says

    awesome. congrats on your sobriety…my boyfriend just celebrated 12 years last month. i'm getting my very first tattoo this friday. SO excited!

  2. Nicole says

    Fantastic list! If you want a pen pal, I'm in. I'm always looking for a reason to buy cute stationary and write instead of type! Email me if your down! I hope you complete all of your goals!

  3. says

    how 'bout you visit me in LA and we watch all the Twilight movies before Breaking Dawn II… then voila, you kill 2 birds w/ one stone, lol… miss yah!!!

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