Tuesday Tunes: Portishead

My adoration for Portishead is one that has spanned over a few decades. They’ve gotten me through the good times, the bad times, and the really bad times. I remember when I started listening to them at the young age of 12, it was like they opened this whole new world of music for me. Portishead is smoking weed and laying in your bed music. Portishead is drinking a bottle of wine in the bathtub after your heart is broken and tears are streaming down your face music. Portishead is unwinding after a long day of work music. There really isn’t a situation that wouldn’t be improved by throwing a little Portishead on the record player. But, to describe the Portishead sound in detail and musical terms would be ruining it for those who have never given it a listen. So, if you are one of those people, I urge you to drop everything and push play. Immediately. I promise, you’ll thank me for the rest of your life.

P.S. – “Glory Box” is my favorite song. It will probably rip your heart out like it does mine. Good luck.

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